Welcome to B2B|English!

B2B ENGLISH provides business English training to busy professionals at all CEF levels , from complete beginner to advanced. Options include general business courses, and also specific preparation for the Cambridge certificates BEC , ICFE , and ILEC for business, finance and law. Tailor-
made programmes, as well as skills-based workshops (presentations, e-mails, meetings...) are also available.

From its headquarters in Stuttgart, B2B ENGLISH provides training on-site at the client or at another defined location (eg. Black Forest). E-learning opportunities and residential courses in Edinburgh are also arranged regularly. Talk to us!

- You are giving a presentation in English next week.
- You have daily calls with your parent company in London.
- You are responsible for the English IFRS hotline.
- You draft and check contracts in English.
- You manage an international team.
- You are a sales manager with an international client base.
- You often attend trade fairs and would like to improve your small talk.
- You provide technical/sales support via e-mail or telephone.
- You handle business correspondence in English.

Whether you work in the financial, engineering or legal sector,
B2B ENGLISH has a training solution for you.
Talk to us! info@B2BENGLISH.de